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The small ferryboats in the Archipelago run 13 different routes trough which you can reach some hundred island. Additionally you have connections to the Aland islands. The ferries are mostly free.



Jurmo N59º 49'- E21 º35'

Jurmo is an elongated island with an average witdth of only 1 km. The island was formed during the ice age as a continuation of Salpausselkä.

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All the islands can be reached by public ferries.

Nötö N59º 57'- E21º 44'

Nötö is one of the largets island in the area with a feel of farming land.

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Utö N59º 46'- E21º 22'

The bare, rocky island of Utö is the gateway to the Blatic sea. Since 17th century it has been a base for pilots, lighthouse keepers and custom officials.

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