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A six day and 5 night multiactivity holiday with focus on kayaking in Turku Archipelago.

Day 1.
Individual arrival to Pargas and Villa Nytorp with car or public transport.

Day 2 and 3.
Two full days for biking and hiking. Alternatively you can spend the day by the seaside or rambling in the woods.

Day 4.
Short transfer to Villa Apollo from where you will start your kayaking tour. The daiuly distances are between 5 and 10 nautical miles. The route is moistly in sheltered waters between islands and skerries. Some kayaking experience is required.

Accommodation and dinner on the island of Pensar.

Day 5.
Continue kayaking to Gyttja village. You can choose between several different routes based on your experience and the weather.

Accommodation and dinner at B&B Västergård.

Day 6.
On the third day you head back to Villa Apollo.

Individual departure or stay overnight and relax in the beutiful seaside villa.

Kayaking in Archipelago, price

Villa Nytorp
825,00 €
Kayaking tour/ person
345,00 €
Extra night and dinner
95,00 €

The price includes Villa Nytorp (self catering), kayaks and accommodation with dinner (2).

As an alternative you are also welcome only for the kayaking tour.

The tour is available from late May to August.